Current post: Selling JDSU Test-Um TP650 – We Buy New Used TP650 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling JDSU Test-Um TP650 – We Buy New Used TP650 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell JDSU Test-Um TP650 Testifier PRO All Cable Tester


Key Features

  • Identifies cable termination on active ports by blinking port LED
  • Measures cable length using patented cable capacitance method
  • Displays single-ended test results in wiremap format for opens, shorts, and split pairs
  • Tests and displays in wiremap format shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split pairs with remotes
  • Two-line, 16-character, back-lit, full alphanumeric LCD with icon flags
  • Auto-off and timed backlight in any mode for low power consumption and long battery life

The TestifierPRO™ Cable Tester provides telecom, datacom, and cable installers and technicians with cable test, length measurement, and hub blink functions in one unit. The easy-to-use TestifierPRO cable tester requires one-button operation to initiate telco, network, and coax modes for diagnostic tests and results. The main unit includes built-in RJ11 and RJ45 jacks for testing six-wire and eight-wire twisted pair and F-connector for testing coax. An integrated remote bay houses a detachable test remote with built-in jacks for testing twisted pair cable terminated with RJ11 or RJ45 connectors.

The field-proven TestifierPRO performs detailed analysis to detect miswire, no connection, short, high-resistance fault, and split pair conditions when used with remote identifiers. It also tests and reports on shorts, opens, and split pairs conducted without a remote. The MAP ID function identifies multiple cables by displaying ID numbers of map-only remotes. TestifierPRO cable tester measures cable length and displays PASS icon for correctly wired T568A/B and six-pin cable. Tone generator mode sends any of four user-selectable tones on all pin and pair combinations.

Buying, Selling, Trading JDSU Test-Um TP650


  • Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance on telco, network, or coax cable
  • Identify switch port LED where network cable is terminated
  • Measure cable length
  • Determine wiring condition
  • Identify up to 20 telco, network, or coax cable runs at a time
  • Find and fix position of exposed or hidden cable

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